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Family Weekly Newsletter: September 2 - 9, 2022

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It was so much fun to see all of our new and returning families at our Open House event. Please see below for some very important first days of school information.

For any 7th or 8th grader who were unable to get their chromebooks this week, you will get them when you return to school on WEDNESDAY. We won't be able to hand out devices on the first day of school for 6th graders. Thank you for your understanding!

We're so excited for a new year, so much to look forward to! As always let us know if there's anything we can do to help!

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First Days of School

Tuesday, September 6th
  • First day in person for 6th Graders and WEB Leaders ONLY
  • Virtual Advisory Meeting for students in grades 7-8 at 10:15AM. Check your email for a link from your advisory teacher!

Wednesday, September 7th

  • 7th and 8th graders first day in person (all students attend)
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Please see the link document regarding our policy

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School Transportation

Transportation postcards have been mailed out. If you have transportation questions please call: 952-707-2067 or 952-707-2069.

You are also able to view your bus information in ParentVue.

There is an activity bus that runs from Nicollet to Burnsville High School right after school. This bus is for students involved in BHS activities only. Passes will be used to ensure only students in activities are using this bus.

There will also be an after school bus that leaves Nicollet between 4:30 - 4:45 for those involved in Nicollet activities and sports. This will be running in time for the 1st day of middle school sports on Thursday, September 8th.

For more information about bussing, please go to:

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Student Handbook

Students will be revieing the 2022-23 Student Handbook during the first couple of weeks of school. They will be asked to fill to fill out a form acknowledging they've read and understand this. If you would like to review this with your student ahead of time it can be found here.
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Middle School Sports!


Who: Students in grades 6-8

Cost: $70

Time: After school until 4:30-4:45

Practice for fall sports will begin September 8th.

Game and meet schedules will be forthcoming from your child’s coach.

Your student must be registered and have a current sports physical to begin practice.

Register your student for a fall sport here:

For assistance please contact:

Tara Paul, Attendance Secretary Nicollet Middle School, or 952-707-2612


Girls Tennis: Coach Hayley Horning Shibley,

Boys/Girls Cross Country: Coach Julio Neptuno Temozan,

Boys Soccer: Coach Peirre Conwell,

Girls Soccer: Coach Javier Blazquez,

More detailed information can be found by clicking one of the links below.


Spanish Translation

Somali Translation

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Extracurricular Activities

Fall Sports for Grades 7-12: Check out the Burnsville High School Athletics website for information.

Clubs and Activities for Grades 6-8: See our Nicollet Activities Website to learn about some of our clubs and activities. More information will come in future bulletins as activities kick off this fall.

Burnsville Youth Collaborative (BYC) for Grade 6-8: Our BYC afterschool program combines academic support and enrichment along with recreational activities. The program will run Tuesday - Thursday from 2:30PM - 6:00PM each day. Transportation is provided for students within the bus zone. BYC is set to begin October 25th. More information will be released after school has started.

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In order for us to effectively communicate with you throughout the school year, please make sure you update your address, phone numbers, email address and emergency contact/s on PARENTVUE. This information is very important as it is the only way to contact you in the event of an emergency.

We will send weekly bulletins for families through email. We will also regularly call home with voicemail message updates.


Additionally, Parents/Guardians now have the option of receiving text notification from District 191 and its schools. Text messages are timely and relevant, including weather related school closure information, emergency announcements and others.

In order to participate, parents/guardians must opt-in by texting “subscribe” to the

number 68453.

Learn more about ParentVue at

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Schoology connects students to their teachers. Students get class assignments, link to readings and guides selected by their teacher, collaborate with classmates, and work on self-paced learning activities. Families can see upcoming assignments and announcements, view assignments, test schedules and daily grades for current classes, and more.

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School Supplies List

22-23 School Supply List in English

6th graders and AVID students will be given a planner to start the year. Other students may purchase one for $5.

We have Nicollet t-shirts available for $5 too!

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Food and Nutrition Services

Application for Educational Benefits

Every year, ALL families with children enrolled in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 should complete an Application for Educational Benefits. Many families are eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals, as well as waived or reduced fees for transportation, athletics, activities and more!

By completing an application, you are helping to ensure every school in District 191 gets the much-needed state and federal funding it deserves.

School Meals

School breakfasts/lunches are no longer free for all students. Families must qualify by filling out an educational benefits form. Families will receive a letter in the mail indicating whether they qualify or not.

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Nicollet Spirit Wear!

Check out our Nicollet Spirit Wear Sale!

We have a great new Nicollet Clothing store this year! This Spirit Wear store will be open all year! Orders will be made as they come in. Orders usually arrive in 3-5 business days! Make sure to check it out, many great items!

Nicollet Spirit Wear

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School Hours

School hours for students are 7:50 AM - 2:30 PM.

  • Students will be able to enter the building beginning at 7:30 AM. They will grab a bagged breakfast (if they choose, meals are no longer free for all) and head to their locker and their first class, Advisory.
  • School ends at 2:30 PM, this is a change from last year.
  • Buses leave NMS by 2:45 each day

Office Hours: 7:15 AM - 3:15 PM

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Parent Drop off & Pick up

Just a reminder that our parent drop-off location is on the east side of Nicollet near the tennis courts (the same location as parent pick-up). Please circle around the lot rather than pulling into parking spaces to avoid having your child cross through traffic to enter the school. Students should be picked up by 2:45pm.

If you are dropping your child off at school after 7:45 AM, please drop them off at the front of the school, door 1, because they will need to check into the office for a tardy pass to class.

Please do not enter the driveway between Sky Oaks and Nicollet. This is where buses are entering and exiting and dropping students off here is a safety concern.


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School Procedures


  • Nicollet now has a buzzer system at the front door. Please go to the marked door and push the button on the camera monitor mounted near the door. Please let the office know the purpose of your visit.
  • Nicollet Middle School wants to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for students. We require ALL visitors to sign in at the main office and wear a visitor pass sticker while in the building.
  • Visitors beyond the main office will be limited in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

  • We value communication with parents/guardians and we are not always available when parents/guardians stop by without an appointment. If you would like to meet with or talk with the principal, associate principal, the dean of students, your child’s teachers, or other staff members, please call or send an email in advance to schedule an appointment.

Student Pick Up
  • If you know your child will be leaving during the day, please have them drop a note off in the office before the start of the school day indicating the time they will be picked up.
  • Any student leaving early must check out in the main office.
  • When you arrive to pick up your child, please remain in your car and call the main office. We will send your child to your vehicle.
  • If your child is ill, they need to visit the nurse before being excused for the day. If the nurse has not sent them home, we cannot count the absence as excused.

Messages/Phone Calls for Students
  • Cellphones are away for the day. Therefore students should not be receiving calls or texts. If you are trying to get a hold of your child, please call the main office at 952-707-2600. We try not to interrupt class to get messages to students, unless it is an emergency. If there is an emergency, please ask for an administrator and they will handle the situation.

Items Dropped Off for Students

  • There are many items dropped off in the main office each day. The office will not call a student out of class for an item that has been delivered. Students are able to stop by the office during passing time or their lunch to retrieve items. If possible, they will be delivered to the classroom for the student.
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Attendance Guidelines

Our District Policy 503 on Student attendance reads: Regular school attendance is directly related to success in academic work, benefits students socially, provides opportunities for important communications between teachers and students, and establishes regular habits of dependability important to the future of the student.

In alignment with this policy, the following are some guidelines regarding attendance:

  • If your child cannot attend school for any reason, please call our attendance line within 24 hours at 952-707-2604 to excuse them.

  • If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms in the graphic to the right or has received a positive COVID test, please call our attendance line at 952-707-2604.

  • When leaving a message please include:

    • Your name

    • Your child’s name(including the spelling of first & last name)

    • Grade

    • Callback phone number

    • Brief Description. If your child is sick, please leave any symptoms they have.

  • If a student is absent and no telephone call has been received from the parent/guardian, the school may contact the parent/guardian. It is important to provide the school with current home, cellphone, and work telephone numbers via ParentVUE.
  • All absences not excused within 24 hours, by telephone or a signed note, will be considered unexcused.
  • Occasionally, students arrive late to school. Parents should call in to the attendance line to excuse the tardy.
  • Students who accumulate seven full days of unexcused absences are considered truant and referred to the county.
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Electronics Policy

Please discuss the use of electronics at school with your child.

  • All students are issued a Chromebook from ISD191 to be used for instructional and educational purposes. No other electronic devices should be used in place of chromebooks during the school day.
  • All Chromebooks are to be used in alignment with the district electronics policy.
  • Headphone use is only allowed when requested by a teacher (no airpods).

  • Electronic devices are never allowed to be used in bathrooms or locker rooms.
  • Nicollet is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • Cellphones are away for the day. If brought to school devices should be away from the first bell of the day (7:50am) and should not be taken out until the last bell of the day (2:30pm).

Policy 524: Internet Acceptable use and Safety Policy

  • We understand the importance of students being able to access resources on the internet, both for current educational work and to help ensure students have the skills they need for future study and work.
  • We provide students access to our computer system, including the internet, expressly for educational purposes, including classroom activities, research and college/career readiness activities.
  • Students are expected to use our system in a safe manner and for these appropriate purposes.
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Student Dress and Appearance

Nicollet follows our District 191 Policy 504 on Student dress and appearance. The purpose of the policy is to enhance the learning environment of students by establishing expectations of dress and grooming that are related to educational goals and community standards.

The policy of the school district is to encourage students to be dressed appropriately for school activities and in keeping with community standards. This is a joint responsibility of the student and the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s).

Appropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to,

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather.
  • Clothing that does not create a health or safety hazard.
  • Clothing appropriate for the activity (i.e., physical education or the classroom).

Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to,

  • Tops that expose the midriff, cleavage, and other clothing such as shorts/pants that expose undergarments.
  • Clothing bearing a message that is lewd, vulgar, or obscene.
  • Apparel promoting products or activities that are illegal for use by minors.
  • Objectionable emblems, badges, symbols, signs, words, objects or pictures on clothing or jewelry (including sports apparel) communicating a message that is racist, sexist, or otherwise derogatory to a protected minority group, evidences gang membership or affiliation, or approves, advances, or provokes any form of religious, racial, or sexual harassment and/or violence against other individuals as defined in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District Policy 413.
  • Any apparel or footwear that would damage school property.

Hats and hoods are allowed, but may be asked to be removed if they interfere with a class activity such as a science lab, cooking, or physical education activity.

Additionally, as we work to maintain a safe environment and avoid tripping hazards, students may wear/carry outerwear coats or vests, backpacks, or sling bags to and from school but these items must remain in lockers during the school day. Small purses are allowed to be carried. Students need only bring their binder and chromebook to class.

When, in the judgment of the administration, a student’s appearance or mode of dress interferes with or disrupts the educational process or school activities, or poses a threat to the health or safety of others, the student will be asked privately to make modifications. Parents/guardians will be notified and may be requested to bring alternate clothing.

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Health Services

School Nurse: Ms. Mjelleli "Nurse M"


Phone: 952-707-2603

Hours: 7:20AM - 3:20PM


  • Monitor immunization status of students
  • Manage health plans for students with health conditions
  • Provide first aid and emergency care to students and staff
  • Administer medication as ordered by a physician
  • Maintain health service records
  • Implement screening programs
  • Surveillance of Communicable disease

Reminder: Immunizations- all incoming 6th graders needs to get the T-dap booster and Meningitis vaccine before starting 7th grade.

For information about health services, please go to:
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Student Support Team

About Nicollet Middle School

Our vision here at Nicollet is that we will realize our individual strengths and RISE together to become future ready and community strong. RISE stands for Resourceful, Inclusive, Safe, and Excellence. We know that when we strive to achieve these characteristics as individuals and as a community, we will learn together and grow stronger together.

School Hours: 7:50AM - 2:30PM

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If you have any questions about the information within this back to school newsletter, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Main Office via phone or email.

Fadlan la xiriir Axmad Kaahiye, is ku xirahanaga iskuulka Nicollet Middle School, wixii su'aala ah oo aad ka qabtid macluumaadkaa.

Phone: 952-707-2600


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