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PHS IMC - November Newsletter

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FlexiSCHED Reminders

1. Before Monday's Pride Time, please remember to make any necessary updates to your FlexiSCHED offerings and seat numbers.

2. Please remember to take attendance in FlexiSCHED Tuesday - Friday.

*If you have a sub, please have the sub call me so that I may process your Pride Time's attendance. We want the emailed list to be as complete as possible to help us submit accurate information on the Skyward attendance.

3. Please call me with any questions or concerns that arise with the use of FlexiSCHED.

This is still a work in progress, so please share your thoughts with me (or Mr. Engh) on how we can make Pride Time and the use of FlexiSCHED even better.

Schober's Suggestions

How has the Tech Team assisted you?

"Earlier in the school year when I was demonstrating machine safety and operation, I asked the Tech Team to help out by videotaping and editing the video footage so I could post it on my website. The Tech Team was very helpful in accomplishing this." --Ed Wiegman

"The Tech Team is awesome. I told Ivan how I wanted to use Google Sites for a student project, the next day he came in and walked me through how to create a template and share it with my students to use for their project. It worked great. He answered all my questions and saved me tons of time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" --Jacob Crase

Do you need help with your webpage? Would you like a class demonstration videotaped and edited? Would you like to try Google Classroom but don't know where to start? The PHS Tech Team members are here to assist! Just call or email me to schedule a time to meet with one of these knowledgeable students.
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Media Center Musings

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