Marine Biology

It's Getting Fishy

Have the funnest time of you life while earning money to.

You can go learn Marine Biology at almost every school near the coast, you never want to do a job that you don't love doing, you always want to be in a job that satisfies you everyday, and make you want to stay there longer.

How to become a Marine Biologist?

To become a Marine Biologist you have to complete 4 years of college or more. You want to do something other than Marine Biology if you don't like getting in water and getting close to nature. You don't want to think you like the job you want to love your job.

Some of the thing you will have to do.

The advantages of becoming a Marine Biologist.


An advantage to being a Marine Biologist is that you get to see new things everyday. Another advantage is that you can make some money just by doing the thing you love and feel like doing everyday. The only thing I would like to have change is that sometimes I would have to be away from my family.

Where you will work everyday.

This is the coolest part. You get to work in a gigantic pool.