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February 5, 2016

Thinking Topic...

What happens when we explain the WHY behind our thoughts, actions, ideas, procedures, and so forth to our teammates, our students, our parents, and even our family and friends?

Let me know what you think!

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Feedback from thinking...

Here are some thoughts from your teammates about last week's thinking topic...

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From Shannon...

I was shopping with my mother-in-law this weekend and saw a sign that reminded me of Julie’s quote and our parent newsletter…”Children are great imitators, So give them something great to imitate” (if it hadn’t been 30 bucks I would have bought it J ). That really got me thinking. Not only does what we say to our kids become their inner voice; but what we say and do also teaches them how to act, how to treat others, their attitude, and how to treat themselves. This is something I’m being more conscious of… I showing excitement for learning? Am I laughing and embracing joy with my kids? Am I modeling what I expect from them? Am I modeling compassion? Am I being the person I want my kids to imitate right now?

I want my kids’ inner voices to say…..I am loved, I am brilliant, I can do this!

From Kelly S.

This topic really got me thinking. It’s challenged me to be more cautious of my delivery and tone of voice when I’m working with the kids, especially when I’m redirecting them. It’s also caused me to be mindful of how often I’m correcting versus how often I’m encouraging a student, especially the more difficult ones.

Honestly, I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer since Friday asking the Lord to bend my heart towards my challenging students. There’s one in particular who has an exceedingly difficult time staying on task and not dragging the others down with him. The more I watch him, the more I see that his behavior is impulsive and often involuntary. It’s so easy to be critical and get aggravated with him, but I’ve got to be his advocate for his academic and social growth. I’ve got to be so attentive to his behavior that I can quickly point out the successes before they pass and he’s getting corrected again. I do not want him to walk out of first grade feeling that he is incapable of success.

Thank you for encouraging us to think critically about who we are as teacher: the heart’s growth is just as important as the head’s.

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News from Natalie

Please be on the lookout for info coming soon regarding summer PD!

Newsworthy Knights...

Ms. Hoffmeister

For all of her hard work! She does so much research on best practices & new ideas for ELAR. Thank you for being a source of motivation for your team!

100th Day Celebration

Thank you to all of the faculty and staff members who dressed up for the 100th Day of school! Who knew so many people had mumus?? You all looked awesome!!
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ESL Exam Preparation

FISD will host another ESL exam preparation class via Region 10, Super Saturday, February 6, at the CTE. Registration will be available on the Region 10 website. Please contact Merideth Choate if you have any questions.

Student and Parent Empowerment Program

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