Cedar Crest Cyber (C3) 2021-2022

Student and Parent Resource Page for LLVS and EdOptions

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LLVS or EdOptions

Hello Virtual Falcon Families,

Please bookmark this site as a reference for students, parents or guardians to have a library of helpful reference documents and videos.

Cedar Crest Cyber is in the process of evaluating content and service providers to provide the best virtual learning experience for our students.

How do you know if you are enrolled in LLVS or EdOptions as part of the C3 program?

The vast majority of students are enrolled in EdOptions courses. However each CCHS counselor has contacted the students on their caseload to discuss their courses. Every student and parent will receive a welcome email from either LLVS or EdOptions including login information and instructions. If you have any questions about your schedule, please contact your counselor ASAP.

Is there a grace period for enrollment in C3 so I can drop my classes and return to CCHS or choose a different course?

Yes, students enrolled in both LLVS and EdOptions have a deadline of September 10, 2021 to contact Mrs. Richards if they want to drop a class. Once a student passes this date they are required to complete the semester. (See contact information below)


Step 1. Download and review the C3 attendance policy. This is a consistent policy for LLVS and EdOptions courses.

Step 2. Download and read either the LLVS or EdOptions handbook.

Step 3. Parents must sign the Electronic Acceptance Form to state they have read and understand the C3 handbook by Friday, September 3, 2021.

Step 4: Carefully view all the information provided on either the LLVS or EdOptions Help Page so your student knows how to get started with their courses.

When will my courses start?

All C3 courses are scheduled to start on Monday, August 30, 2021.

Note: Due to the volume of students enrolling in virtual courses, some students may expect a delay in when their courses will be available to start.

How long should I wait to contact the C3 Team?

If your student's courses are not available for them to start by Wednesday, September 1, 2021 please contact Mrs. Anne Richards (see contact information below).

Technical Support Help for ALL Students and Parents/Guardians.

Cedar Crest Cyber Points of Contact

Mrs. Anne Richards

Virtual Solutions Department Assistant

717-272-2033 ext. 5970


Cedar Crest Cyber Coordinator

Mr. Todd Scipioni



(Step 1) Cedar Crest Cyber Attendance Policy

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(Step 2) Cedar Crest Cyber Handbook

C3 Handbook for students enrolled in EdOptions Courses

EdOptions courses include:

EdOptions is the sole provider

*These courses are provided by EdOptions as the host provider.

*Students enrolled in EdOptions Courses should read and reference the EdOptions C3 Handbook below.

C3 Handbook for students enrolled in LLVS Courses

LLVS courses include:

Accelerate Education




*These courses are provided by LLVS (IU13) as the host provider.

*Students enrolled in LLVS Courses should read and reference the LLVS C3 Handbook below.

(Step 3) Sign the Electronic Acceptance Form Below

LLVS & EdOptions Electronic Acceptance Form (Required)

CLICK HERE...This electronic acceptance form is for both LLVS and EdOptions handbooks.

(Step 4) for Students Enrolled in EdOptions Classes Use The Link Below For Specific Resources

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(Step 4) for Students Enrolled In LLVS Classes Use The Link Below For Specific Resources

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