DC Staff Update

6 April 2014


...the effort, commitment and professionalism of all staff at Discovery College. With Easter so late this year It has been an especially long term, with many activities completed over and above your general teaching and support requirements.

Opportunities, such as the one I had last week to complete a CIS Preliminary Visit to a school in Malaysia, remind me time and again of what a remarkable school we have and how proud I am of what you all do to make that so.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work, and wish everyone a very well-deserved Easter holiday.

Vania leaving

I am sad to announce that Vania will be leaving DC at Christmas this year in order to return to Australia.

The School Council has agreed to advertise the Head of Primary position after the summer holidays with a view to appointing someone to start in August 2015, or earlier if possible. An interim HoP arrangement may be needed for Terms 2&3 next year.

Staffing update

I can announce the appointment of Ophelia Bou and Luciano Di Gregorio, two new English teachers for August.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

The Primary production of CS Lewis' famous storybook will run over Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Good luck to Frank and his wonderful team of assistants and cast, who have spent months preparing for this event.

April morning tea

Come join our April babies this Wednesday for their birthday morning tea shout.

Last formal week for Year 13

Our Year 13 students will finish class this week in readiness for study and their Diploma exams in May. Please take a moment to speak with any of these young people you may have worked with, thank them for their contributions over the past 6 years and wish them luck.

2013-14 curriculum budgets

All curriculum budgets will close at the end of April, so any last orders and PRFs should be completed by the end of this week. Remaining orders must be for items required this academic year and not in advance of 2014-15.

Chinese Opera Face Paint Color Meanings

Many colours are used in any given Chinese mask, but the dominant colors impart specific characteristics:
  • Red 红色 (hóng sè)used on masks indicates a positive character. Red can also mean prosperity, loyalty, courage and heroism. Red shows intelligence and bravery.
  • Purple 紫色(zǐ sè) is sometimes used as a substitute for red. In its own right, purple can represent justice and sophistication.
  • Black 黑色 (hēi sè) means that the character is neutral. Black also indicates impartiality and integrity.
  • Blue蓝色 (lán sè)faces are also an indication of neutrality. In addition, blue can show stubbornness, astuteness and fierceness.
  • Green绿色 (lǜ sè) shows that the character is violent, impulsive and lacks restraint.
  • Yellow黄色 (huáng sè)tells the audience that the character is cruel. Yellow can also mean evil, hypocritical, ambitious or sly.
  • White白色 (bái sè)faces indicate that the character is evil and hypocritical.
  • Gold 金色 (jīn sè)and silver 银色 (yín sè) show the audience that the character is a god or a demon. The character also may be a ghost or a spirit. Gold and silver symbolize mystery.

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