The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

By John Boyne

Primary Setting

The setting in this story is Berlin & Out-With also known as Authswich the Death Camp

Main Characters

Bruno, Shmuel

Main Conflict

Bruno has to move from Berlin to Auschwitz & he becomes friends with a boy in the concentration camp. his dad is a commandant & Shmuel is Jewish

Beginning that relates to the conflict

Adolf Hitler A.K.A the fury came to dinner at Bruno's house & he told them they have to move to Out-With also known as the death camp because his Father got a job as a warden of Auschwitz

An event In the middle that relates to the conflict

Bruno meets a boy in a striped prison suit named Shmuel in the concentration camp. Bruno & Shmuel talk & they become friends.

This is important because Bruno does not know Shmuel a Jew & Shmuel does not know Bruno Dad's a Nazi.

An event at the end of the book that relates to the conflict

Bruno climbs under the fence. They both go look for Shmuel's Dad & they get pushed into a gas chamber by a whole crowd & die.

it's important because they're good friends even if they're on different sides of the war. & because Bruno wants to help Shmule & they end up dying.