Events for the Week of February 10-14

Kennedy's "Vietnam Memorial" Project Begins

Mr. Kennedy's "Vietnam Memorial" project is underway!!!!! His classes came into the library to research information on a fallen soldier from the Vietnam War.

For the next two weeks, his students will compile their information and prepare a presentation in honor of thier soldier.

Mrs. Vint and Mr. Kennedy Gearing Up for Research!

Mrs. Towery's "Genetic Engineering" Research

Mrs. Towery's Biology classes came in this week to find resources, in support of and against (cons/pros), on genetic enhancements/alterations. Students used the Gale's Opposing Viewpoints' database to aid in their research. The students found some great articles in their search.


The Media Center received its last book shelf. the last two weeks we have finished shelving our Fiction section of the library. Stop by and check them out!