PFES - Board Report

December 17, 2020

Monthly Safety Drill: Armed Intruder/Lockdown

Date: 12/13/2020

Subject: School Safety Monthly Report to School Board

The Chequamegon School District conducted a tabletop drill to validate the current emergency plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for an ACTIVE SHOOTER and LOCKDOWN scenarios on Thursday, December 10, 2020 at both campuses with all students and staff. The exercise focused on the staff actions and increased student awareness of response options that will increase their safety.

Summary of Debrief from Staff and Principals


  • Materials

  • Drill plan

  • Length of drill

Areas for improvement:

  • More communication on the subject of school safety procedures

  • Keep practicing, add realism


  • Add “all call numbers” to the phones, perhaps on a sticker

  • Have staff training in August regarding school safety to review Standard Operating Procedures on Active Shooter/Lockdown


The Armed Intruder/Lockdown drill provided an opportunity for staff to review and discuss the Standard Operating Procedures for Armed Intruder and Lockdowns. Because this was a tabletop format to maintain COVID19 safety protocols, the drill included between one and three additional scenarios with other variables that were age appropriate. Students and staff were able to consider more “what if” scenarios using this plan. All students completed a classroom debrief and staff completed a survey to provide administrators with suggestions for improvement. Key suggestions are listed above. The Park Falls Police Department observed the drill at the South Campus.

December Activities and Accomplishments

  • The number of virtual students in the PFES decreased 3 students to 34 this past month.
  • Completed planning for Christmas music video to replace Christmas concert
  • Worked with Chad to update website organization and eliminate link issues
  • Worked with Kelly and Jess on preliminary ACT planning
  • Began planning for 2021 4yk open house and screening events
  • Planned and executed district lockdown and intruder drill
  • Scheduled 6 meetings with parents about attendance concerns
  • Reviewed b.e.s.t. data and set a building behavior goal and developed next steps for teachers
  • Complete daily "check-ins" with 7 students to support improved behavior