Come to New Hampshire

In the new world

Who Founded New Hampshire?

In 1638 New Hampshire was founded by the wonderful John Wheelwright and other government and towns people.

Why was New Hampshire founded?

The amazing New Hampshire was envisioned as a new English colony that was mainly wanted for business and expansion. There is also religious freedom and freedom of religious ideas. The profit of trading and fishing also contributes to the wonderful colony New Hampshire is and will be.

Government of New Hampshire

New Hampshire was a royal province which means it is directly run by the king of England from 1679 to 1698 until it was claimed by Massachusetts. However in 1741 New Hampshire became a royal province once again. During this time the governor was Benning Wentworth,when he could not run the colony anymore New Hampshire was passed down to his nephew John.


In this beautiful region there is low mountains and hills. Plentiful rivers and streams filled with fish also run along this region. Big forests filled with tall trees great for houses and new travel ships also exist in this already fantastic place. There is also plenty of soil to farm and harvest as you please.


Trading, manufacturing and farming is what we will do in this amazing region. Textiles,crops and wood are needed elsewhere and we have it all! Our big trees and endless forests contribute to a large abundance of new boats in this region being built. Potatoes are one of many crops that thrive in New Hampshire and fish are needed too!


There are many religions across the Atlantic coast but any religion is welcome and accepted into this charming colony. Many people have come to the Atlantic Coast to practice their form of Christianity.


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By: Davidson Stoff

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