It's Back to School Time

By Amy Cassels, Young Living Silver

August 2016

It's back to school time! For many of us, this is an exciting time! We are forced to get back into routine and have a daily purpose. For others, it may just mean that you don't have as much traffic in the day time around your town. Regardless, it's a time of year that most everyone gets excited about because fall is coming! Boy can I not WAIT for some homemade hot soups and cornbread! I sure hope you got all the summer fun you wanted and are ready for the next season. This fall we have lots of exciting events lined up, stay tuned for information. Never stop learning how to empower yourself for better health. We have to be our own advocate.
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The Details:

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Essential Rewards Explained

Essential Rewards Explained

1. Breakfast of Champs!

Sending your child to school with a balanced breakfast is as important as a good nights sleep! Young Living is dedicated to proper nutrition for all. One of the single most important tips for creating a perfect breakfast is to avoid sugar. Fresh fruit is great, but any processed or artificial sugar wreaks havoc on the brain, pancreas and digestive system.


In 2014 Gary Young introduced Einkorn Wheat. This is the ORIGINAL wheat that was placed here on this earth for us! It has 14 chromosomes as compared to the 44 with today's GMO wheat. It contains FAR less gluten, more minerals and more fiber. Simply put, it is GOOD for you!

1. Waking up in the morning

Get your diffuser going in the morning BEFORE the kids wake up and I PROMISE it will change their ENTIRE day!!

Here are some great oils to get the house smelling bright, peaceful

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2. Off to school and study time

While technically you can not send a bottle of Essential Oil to school, you CAN however, apply it to their body, put some on a cotton ball for their pocket, drop some on a piece of leather for their necklace or bracelet, or add to their diffuser necklace (see link below).
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3. Essential Oil Jewelry

These are the prettiest pieces! I love that every portion of the sale goes to families fighting cancer. They have ladies, mens, boys and girls jewelry.

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4. Brain Stimulation

Did you know that different music and environments stimulate different sides of the brain?
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Left Brain:
  • Play music with a beat to stimulate the left brain for learning math
  • Study in the same place, be sure that it is clean and organized

Right Brain:

  • Slower, classical type music relaxes the right side for creativity and imagination.
  • Utilize colors, open spaces like being out in nature
  • Study on the move, example: playing catch while reciting vocabulary words

5. Getting proper sleep

It is so important for children to receive proper sleep every night. This will ensure a healthy day of learning as well as a strong immune system.
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6. Diffusing for a purpose

Here are some excellent blends to have nearby. Got a favorite for your family? Id love to hear!!
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7. Book of the month!

This book was originally written as a text book for homeschool students learning nutrition. It is uniquely set up so that each chapter forcuses on a different body system and the nutrition that correlates with it. For example, one of the chapters is about the cardiovascular system. It describres the system then goes through the types of foods that support that system. The book is phenominal and way ahead of its time!


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8. "BEST tasting water in the WORLD!"

Our bodies are 70% water. Therefore, we need water and a lot of it! Studies are now showing that children and adults need to be sipping water every 15 minutes to keep the brain firing for clarity, focus and alertness. If you are buying cheap plastic bottles of water then I can't compare the price for you because it's already pretty cheap what you're paying. But I will say this, Your water is not hydrating you. Brands like Ozarka, Dasani, Nestle, etc are all DEAD. They contain no life or minerals. Not to mention the plastic is very poor quality, it pollutes our environment and these bottles are often left in the sun on the trucks to heat to high temperature and breakdown that plastic INTO your water. If you are purchasing alkaline bottles of water from the grocery store then you are spending an arm and a leg! I commend you for going above and beyond to hydrate yourself with live mineral water that actually improves your health and digestion. When you drink water that is pure and alkaline (containing minerals), you will never feel the belly bloat. It absorbs deeply within seconds. This is the best water on the market year after year and guess what? They deliver!! (Bonus, you can get it in glass too!!)

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9. Fun with Hydration

It's important to have the tools you need to stay hydrated. Children at school only get water every few hours!!! AND, guess what, its TAP water! They have 3-5 seconds to get a drink. It is HIGHLY encouraged that you invest in a good water bottle for them to bring to school. You can order these below in a smaller size than 32 oz. This is by far the best water bottle we have used in our family. I get so many people who have seen me carry this bottle around the past couple of years and ask where to get it. So here it is.

10. Make your water FUN

Pretty sure we can all agree that flavored water is pretty yummy!! Problem is, they usually leave us feeling bloated and constantly craving "something sweet." They are often loaded with artificial dyes, sweeteners and flavors. Water is supposed to hydrate and cleanse us not stress us! When you add Essential Oils to your water you will not "train your pallet" to always HAVE to have a flavor. Your water will simply hydrate you better and even cleanse from within. Here are my top favorites. PS. Only use glass or stainless steel to add oils to. Never plastic! Oils break down plastic and you don't want to drink that!

11. Recipe

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12. Resources

There are plenty of resources available to you! Those who seek knowledge are the ones who empower themselves for better health and vitality. Check out this video to learn more!
Learning Tools available to you!

13. Where did we get all those fun containers?

Watch this video to see all the fun stuff for your DIY projects!
Fun, Oily Accessories

14. Stay Connected

Classes are always in session and I am ALWAYS willing to come to you for a private one on one or small group learning experience. Stay up to date with the following resources available to you.
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Amy Cassels

I am here to serve you! Please do not ever hesitate to reach out! It's what I am here for!