Athlete Diets

What do these guys eat to help them perform?

MMA Fighter's Diet

The way that these athletes eat are in small meals in regular amounts. Since the meals are small they must take in as much protein as possible in those meals to maintain their strength. While they are training and focusing on building their strength they would eat a morning portion of protein, carbohydrates and more protein after heavy workouts and throughout the day, and finally some dairy and more protein to help with muscle recovery and strength building. The meals are portioned out and regimented carefully throughout the day so the fighter doesn’t do over maintenance as well as under maintenance. They would want the diet to contain just enough nutrients that they would need to get them to the next exercise or just enough of the right nutrients to help them recover.

Some of the foods they consume!

Swimmer's Diet

Typically, their diet would consist of carbohydrates for sustained energy. They must also consume a reasonable amount of protein and essential fats and fibers. Since swimming requires almost every muscle working together the move quickly through the water, they are more susceptible to cramps in many areas of their bodies. In order to prevent those cramps they must consume a decent intake of electrolytes from fruits like bananas.

Some foods they consume!