what is golf?

Golf is a sport played on a large outdoor area. In golf you use a small hard ball. The object of the sport is to hit the ball with a club into a small hole in the least amount of hits possible.

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How do you play?

golf is a difficult and complicated sport, but don’t let that turn away. golf can be learned relatively quickly. In almost no time you will go from wanting to chuck your golf set out of the window to getting a feel for the game. There are only a few things you need to know, one of which is, the calmer you are the better you play. Don’t let a shot get in your head just continue playing. The next thing is don't try and replicate the pros they do shots that i would never even think of attempting, that's why they are pros. The last is have fun and you will start to see low scores popping up on the scorecard.

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what are the rules?

There are many rules to golf, way too many to go over in the short amount of space I have. So I will just mention the most important such as, penalties every time your ball goes out of play, such as in water or out of bounds, a penalty is enacted. The type of hazard (unplayable area) will decide what kind of penalty is put in place. The penalty is usually one to two strokes, and you will add those to your card at the end of the hole. Another rule is golf etiquette, this means have respect while on the course and be respectful of other players, if you are playing slow let people ahead of you and don't try and cheat on your scorecard.

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Is golf for everyone?

Golf is for everyone that has a little patience. It will take patience and a calm mind to play a good round of golf. Golf is also a sport you can play your whole life, and still compete.

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How can you get started?

To get started at golf all you need is a set of clubs (old or new) a few packs of golf balls, trust me your first time out you will need them. You will also need nice attire, a few bucks, and go have fun.

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