Weekly Bulletin

May 30, 2016

Wednesday is National Running Day

“Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation.”

~Evan Carmichael

Be In The Know

6/3 - Report cards and EC progress reports due

6/3 - Field Day

6/6 - AR party at 1:00

6/7 - K-4 Awards

6/8 - 5th grade promotion ceremony

Cardinal Calendar

Dates, deadlines, upcoming events specific to Covington

Covington Symbaloo Page

Handbook, SIP, Staff & Duty Rosters, Schedules, Code of Ethics and more

Testing on Wednesday

Above is the link to the testing schedule.

Classroom Moves

Please do not begin the large moving process until all testing is complete. Mrs. Singletary has worked very hard to prepare sites for our students to be successful. She will continue to need rooms and everyone's flexibility until all testing is complete. Once that occurs you may all begin to follow the flowchart on the PLC agenda or posted in the Data Room. Please do not discard usable items. Ms. Guest's classroom, Broadbelt's office and the data room are available for storage.

Last 10 days of school

Above is the link for the last 10 days of school. This plan was requested by the C & I department. 3-5 grade students do have the ability to retake their math (4-5 reading, 5th science) tests on 6/10 and 6/13 after intense remediation . If you would be interested in assisting with this process please let Mrs. Singletary know.

RtI/EOY paperwork close out

Above is a link to the schedule for double planning on Thursday. PLCs will meet in the data room to discuss RtI, data, and EOY close out paperwork. Please make sure to respect everyone's time and pick-up and drop-off students on time. If you have questions please see Mrs. Singletary or Mrs. Broadbelt.