Beowulf Final Project

By Trevor Arteaga

Part 1: Bridging the Gap

My mother my hero, the person I look up to and admire. She has taught me a lot about life, whether she means to advise me or is just being herself. She's taught me that having determination to aspire a dream is much more important than doing what other people want you to do. To be my own person. To be strong even when life isn't treating you well. And I've watched my mother struggle and thrive though the but she always manages to smile and make the best of bad situations.

Part Two: Analysis

1. “We can be heroes, we can be heroes, we can be heroes just for one day, we can be heroes.” – David Bowie

2. What Divid Bowie is saying, is well, exactly what he said. We can ALL be heroes, mot every day, but whether it's random or we anticipate it happening, we could be heroes at any given time. We all have the ability to be heroes.

3. Beowulf is a hero, yes, that's obvious. But he is a hero when there is danger or there is help needed. He is not a hero every second of every day. But he is a hero for all the right reasons, whenever he feels he is needed for help.

4. My mother does not intend to be a hero, and probably doesn't even think of herself to be a hero at all. She does not wake up every morning knowing or wanting to be a hero. But, she is a hero to people. To me. Not every day, but she is a hero whether she's setting an example for me or just trying to make me feel better, trying to motivate me and give me advise.

Part 3: Themes and Symbols

For this, I will be using Star Wars: Episode IV as the movie for comparison to Beowulf

Fate- when Obi-Wan is in the Death Star with Luke and company and is one on one with Darth Vadar, he feels it is his fate to lose and be murdered by Vadar. During the scene, he turns to Luke, knowing his fate, and is killed by Vadar with ease.

Deadly Battle- In the movie, there is a battle on the planet 'Hoth' where Rebels are invaded by Darth vadars troops and are overwhelmed by the number and power of the imperial army. Eventually the base is taken over by Darth and many Rebel troops are killed/captured.

Bravery- When the rebels find the blueprints too the Death Star, they discover a hole that, if shot into perfectly, would destroy the entire ship. In their attack on the Death Star, Luke Skywalkwer is with his group of men flying to the target, when they are all, one by one, shot down. Except for Luke, who was told to retreat because the shot would be impossible and there was a very good chance he'd be shot down and killed. But he ignored his orders and went forth with his plan. He ended up blowing up the Death Star, and was given a bravery medal at the end of the movie.