CNE Staff Newsletter

Kids and Their Hearts on their Sleeves

Anyone else Spotify? Sometimes they sprinkle in a random you never heard of the song, that hits you in the feels. Well, mowing today this song "Sleeves" hit me. Give it a listen it's pretty straightforward. The tattoos on his arms represent all his life's emotions, all the highs, and lows.

When you think about how it applies to our kids, while they don't get sleeve tattoos :) they tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. It manifests in all the things we see them do, and if we pay enough attention we get a glimpse into their lives. Many of our students spend summers making memories, but many spent the summer trying to repress them.

We are their daily safe haven, and they deserve the best we can give them. Nothing trumps Empathy in my book, keep that in mind as we do what is best for our kids last Friday. I loved everyone giving a little piece of yourself to all our students at the walkup song pep session. It showed our kids a side of you they won't soon forget. Here is to a great year!

Curriculum Stuff

  1. Raz-Kidz aka (Reading A-Z) should be up and running soon. Please try to log into your account. If you don't have one let me know and I'll get you set up.
  2. Studies Weekly is ready to go. Mr. Morgan has email instructions that he will share with you as soon as he can make sure they are correct.

PTO Fundraiser

In the past CNE (Albion) and CNP (Wolf Lake) have done separate fundraisers and had to compete with each other on when to sell and what they were selling. We are going to try something different this year alongside our PTO's. We will all be selling Rise and Roll (Amish Crack) at the same time this fall and then possibly be selling pickles in the spring. This is an effort to try to have families only have to worry about selling items once in the fall and not twice if they have students in both buildings. We will see how this year goes and re-evaluate at the end of the year.

Upcoming Events

Monday, August 20 7:45 3rd Grade with Mr. Wesson (Coaching Cycles Begin)

Monday, August 20 9-11 AM Small Group Reading Training TITLE 1 Only W/Knipper

Tuesday, August 21 7:45 Safety Meeting In Maker Lab

Thursday, August 23 Grade Level Collaboration (Continue with DOK and IREADY)

Friday, August 24 7:45 New Teacher Training Maker Lab READING FRAMEWORKS (All Welcome)

August 29 School Picture Day

September 10 PD Day in the HS Auditorium, PLEASE REGISTER EMAIL SENT LAST WEEK

September 19 PT Conferences