Here Comes a Hurricane

By Savanna & Kylie

Here Comes a Hurricane

Hurricane season is coming on June 1st but don't worry! It will end on November 30th. Hurricanes start when warm moist air rises up from the ocean. The rising air filled with water vapor, makes big storm clouds. This process puts the big storm clouds together. Then the cold air goes under the clouds. The clouds swirl around fast, faster, fastest like a huge merry go round. Soon strong wind starts blowing and a hurricane is born.

Did you know Hurricanes can happen all over the world?

Some of the most common places are Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Georgia. The hurricanes began in a warm ocean in the Tropics. Overtime, they start to build up an head towards land. As you can see a lot of the places hurricanes hit are near the ocean.


How to Stay Safe during a Hurricane

Here Are Some Tips

First if you live near the ocean you should protect your house by putting wood on the windows and doors, before going to a different place. Next if you can't leave stay inside on the very bottom floor of the building you are in. Also make sure you always have lots of water, food and blankets on hand. Finally check to make sure you have flashlights that work and radios that work good. Now you know how to stay safe during a hurricane!