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E Cigarettes Not For Teens

Today’s morning, at office, my colleague told me about the news of e cigarettes that says e cigarettes consumption among teenagers is getting doubled this year. It’s not good news for the parents and the society as well. It’s very shocking news for all of us as we all tried our best to ensure that the next generation is getting the best start possible in the life but what are they doing with their life. Teens are addicted toward smoking or puffing and it is not a good sign for future. It’s not like that I want teens to live highly restricted life but yes I want them to become a concern citizen of our country.

From past few days, I always heard about the proposed law that will ban online sales of e cigarettes in future. But I don’t understand the reason behind the demand of some people that want to ban e cigarette completely. Being a customer of V2 cigs, I know almost all in and out of this industry and you are surprised to know that I have seen many brands which already had prohibited their e cigarette products to minors.

V2 cigs, green Smoke, South Beach Smoke etc are some best electronic cigarette brands that already had restricted their products to the minors. Therefore, we have to find out other methods to make the teens out of the addiction of e cigarettes or regular cigarettes. In my point of view, I don’t think that banning e cigarette is a good choice to make the teens out of e cigarette habit.