The Geo Tour


Knox Mountain

Our first stop on the Geo Tour will be Knox Mountain Lookout. We will take a bus for 12 minutes, when we arrive we will talk about the 4 main processes that created the rock and mountains. These processes are...... volcanic eruptions, glacier movement, tectonic plate movement, and erosions. From that peak we can see Layer Cake mountain, Mt. Boucherie, and East Kelowna Bench. Okanagan mount park used to run down the middle of okanogon lake. The lake level used to be as high as the top ridge of the mountain. But that was years and years ago.

Gormans Mill

Our next stop we will take a bus for approx. 15 minutes, we are at the side of the highway by the old Gormans Mill. At this stop we found conglomerate rock, a type of rock that is melted together with coal. This happened when an volcanic eruption compacts the coal in between the rock by lots of pressure and heat. This means that when this rock was formed there were a lot of volcanic eruptions.There were a lot of other rocks chips and pieces in side the rock. The black layer in the rock indicate that there were lots of plants and animal life, it was a very warm, hot, wet, and humid climate. In the rocks were black thin coal bed layers with a few fossils, layers of immature sandstone and some layers of volcanic spread igneous ash.The volcanic eruption spread igneous rock that melted with sedimentary rock.

Mt. Boucherie

Our second stop is Mt. Boucherie, we will take a bus for 19 minutes. At Mt. Boucherie we found a rock that has bubbles in it, this rock is called an extrusive igneous rock . About 50 million years ago it was so much bigger than it is now, because of big landslides and snow. Mt. Boucherie is a old extinct volcano, if you look closely you may be able to find a crystals. Mt.Boucherie is 2000 metres high and a volcanic complex from north Kelowna all the way to the Okanogan connecter.

Layer Cake Mountain

Our last but not least stop Layer Cake Mountain, we will take a bus for 15 minutes. Layer Cake Mountain has unique layers, plate movement causes the layers to slant in certain areas forming its unique appearance.The layers on layer cake mountain could be slanted because of plate movement.

The Quarry

We took a three minute bus ride from layer cake mountain to the Quarry. We found Metamorphic Rock, which has white lines, its hard, and has layers. It is formed from pressure and heat.Metamorphic rock formed 7-10km under the surface and was raised to the surface about 40-50 million years ago.
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