Bind It Together

Rubber Band

What Is the Rubber Band Used For

It holds papers together and you can shoot them at people. It’s made of rubber and you can bring it pretty much anywhere because it’s so small. It also stretches to be able to hold stacks of paper at different sizes.

Where Is It Helpful and Where Can You Bring It

The Rubber Band is most helpful in an office where papers are everywhere you look. You can bring Rubber Bands everywhere you go. It is very handy because you can fit around 40-50 of them in your pocket because they're so small.

How The Rubber Band Will Change Your Life

You can papers neat if you need them to be. The Rubber Band will keep your papers and other belongings organized day in and day out. No question about it.

Who Created It and When Was It Invented?

Stephen Perry created the Rubber Band in 1845 on March 17th.

President James K. Polk Loves The Rubber Band

If you don't want to be left out from everyone else, you should get the Rubber Band. Everyone uses it, even President James K. Polk.
How Its Made Rubber Bands


In this project I learned that the Rubber Band is more handy than I've thought initially, I thought it had nearly no point. Secondly, I also learned that it was made in 1845 and I thought it was made in the 1900s. Lastly, I found out that the rubber bands were originally intended to just hold papers and envelopes together.

The Rubber Band effect on people's lives in the 1800s was just to hold paper and envelopes together. I understand that's what it used for today too, but most people use Rubber Bands to shoot each other, and that's why I think that's the effect it has on people today.

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