So You're 18. Now What?

Destinee' Warren - Sep 7 , 2015

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18th birthdays happen everyday of every year.This article address the tasks that every 18 year old could be possibly faced with , whether or not they all are ready for it , is a different article!

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18 is the year that credit card companies usually start knocking at teens door hoping they fall into the companies trap and open an account with a extremely high interest rate. unknowingly getting themselves into debt while banks make immense amounts of profit.

Real World!

Any teen who comes across this page in a magazine would have a real wake up called once they realized what turning 18 actually means. We're no longer children , We're real adults.

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  • Crimes committed after you turn 18, however, automatically send you to the adult criminal justice system
  • “Old enough to fight, old enough to vote”
  • “You could turn 18, come to jury service, and be asked to decide whether someone lives or dies in a criminal case
  • Things you once needed your parents’ permission for— like getting a credit card or marrying— are now decisions you can make for yourself

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