Major religions of the world

By Clayton Johnson


Christianity has the most followers of any religion. They are polytheistic. It has like multiple people that they worship like they worship god and Jesus but mainly god. Christians have the bible witch is their holy book. Christians are normally baptized at birth if you are Catholic. If you are not catholic when you are old enough you can decide if you want to be baptized or not.

Christians collaborate Christmas and Easter. Easter is were they celebrate the death of their god for him dying on the cross for them to forgive them of their sins. On Christmas, Christians celebrate the son of gods birth. Christians also take away something they like or love or are addicted to or need for 40 days and nights. They do this to worship Jesus and god and show him that they love him.

Christians believe that when they die, they will go to heaven and live out eternity there with Jesus and God. They also have the Ten Commandments witch is a list of major sins that if you are a Christian do not want to do.

Christianity was made widely popular staring 2013 years ago when Jesus was on the earth. He spread the word of God and himself to his deciples and they spread it all around after he was gone.

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Christianity. A History - 1. Jesus the Jew


Judaism was created a long time ago when god spoke to Moses and he started to spread the word of god.

Judaism is monotheistic. They believe in god the holy one and do not believe in Jesus. That is a major difference beetween Christianity and Judaism. They believe that God is the one who is their savior and only him. They celebrate batmitsfas and batmitsfas witch is the ceremony of a child becoming independent and becoming an adult. They celebrate rashashana witch is the starting of a new month. Being Jewish, they celebrate Hanacka witch is 12 days of gifts and it was started when some people came in and took their holy place and they were mad and started to worship god and then they got it back. They don't do anything of the sabbath and they also have a ritual for circumcision witch is were they cut the tip of a males genitlia off for god. Their holy book is the Torah and it is the Old Testament of the bible for Christians.

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Hindu is a very widly popular religion. It was created almost 1,500 years ago and has changed a lot over the past thousand years. Witch so many movements and new branches over time has lead to so many different branches of Hinduism. Witch over 3,300 million different gods, it is monotheistic by a lot. There has been many arguments over this though. A god they worship is Ganesha witch is a god that is The Lord of success and the defeated of obsticals. They also have another god named shiva witch is a god of death and dissolution.

Their holy book is Vedas witch leads Hindus on there daily path. They celebrate Holi witch is the spreading of colors and also Shiva Rati witch is a day to praise their god. They have a specific wedding ritual witch helps them on a good path through marriage.

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A long long time ago, a man who was a prince set out and left his castle to see how the outside word was. He did coverd the pain and poverty of others and spread the word. He started a new religion. It is neither polytheistic or monotheistic. It is just the path of life with peace. It is nirvana but if they had to be somthing it would be polythiestic. They realy have a god but they don't its relay confusing. They follow after Buddha and that is basicly their god.

They celebrate Vesak witch is the birthday of Buddah. Buddests meditate witch relaxes them a lot. It somthing that anyone can do. They also have mantras witch are sacred sounds. The sacred book of Buddhism is called the Tripitaka witch are the word of Buddha giving his followers advice. They celebrate or have a holiday for the buddest new year witch is the celabration of the new moon.

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Buddha A Documentary About Buddhism - YouTube


The religion started out with only a small amount of followers and grew to be a widely popular culture. It was founded in 622 CD. Mana is is also a religious leader form the beggining of their religion. The followers beleive that Allah is the only god, there for making them monotheistic. They believe that when they die, angels will come down and ask them 3 questions and if they answer correctly, they rest in peace untill judgment day.

Practices of the islamic are they pray a lot to their lord Allah. They also fast, and give a lot of their money to chairity. One of their "holidays" is Ramadan. They fast during this time witch means they don't eat for a month. It is celebrated from beggining to end of the 9 th month of Islam. Their holy book is the Qaran. It contains religious help and information about what to do.

A weird fact about Islamicism is that is the prime religious power of Alkida.

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Islam: Empire of Faith. Part 1: Prophet Muhammad and rise of Islam (full; PBS Documentary)