Saxton Awards 24.9.21

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards:

Annabelle Southern - for super work in Geography about "My Home". Annabelle joined in well with the lesson and produced a lovely picture of her house.

Rupert Venables - Well done to Rupert this week for his good concentration and hard work in maths. He has really tried hard to learn about place value. He has often been the first to put his hand up to answer questions and by the end of the week was working on the tasks set independently.

Stars of the week for the last 2 weeks...

Jacob - good listening and being so polite

Rosie - for trying hard in writing

Florence - for being kind and helpful

Frankie - super phonics

Phoebe - for listening so carefully on the carpet and answering lots of questions

Iris - great maths today, you aced it!

Annabel - for being helpful and kind to her friends

Martha - for helping the younger children - and listening well today

Aston - for following our class rules carefully - well done Aston


Values Award:

Sienna Leonard and Rory Watson - For always showing respect to every adult and child in our school. You both set a wonderful example.

Rainbow Awards:

Maisie Bird - For having such a superb week in Sycamore, you have worked so hard and you have done so with a huge smile upon your face. We love having you in class with us!

Marcus Connell - For having such a positive attitude towards your learning


Community Award:

Harry Connell - for showing great community spirit in all aspects of school life. Harry was kind and supportive to another child when they hurt themselves this week and is always keen to congratulate others when they do well. Great team spirit Harry!

Rainbow Awards:

Oscar Finn - for trying very hard to work independently in Maths lessons. I have been impressed by your understanding of place value and the way that you have got your head down and worked hard in our maths lessons is fantastic! Well done, Oscar!

Bryce Hirst - for showing a wonderful attitude in all lessons - a super Year 6 role model!

JJ Watson - for showing great enthusiasm in every lesson but also for trying especially hard with handwriting when writing his prayer for our prayer tree and a great attitude with homework tasks on My Maths!