Milestones Resources

Fayetteville Elementary School 2021

Dear Guardians & Parents,

Milestones testing is just around the corner. There are few things we are going to need your help with before the test and each day. Brick and Mortar students will be able to update their devices and settings in class. Virtual students will need to follow the directions below.

Please make sure your student's device comes to school each day fully charged. If you find your student's device is not keeping a charge throughout the day then the battery needs to be replaced. If the student is brick and mortar, please email me. If the student is virtual and has a battery issue or any other type of issue, please take the device to the county chromebook center as soon as possible. They are available from 10-2. Here are the directions:

Check Chromebook Keyboard settings

ChromeOS devices should have the keyboard set to "US Keyboard" to ensure quotation marks and apostrophes to display properly in DRC INSIGHT.

To verify the keyboard setting

  1. Click the status/clock area in the bottom-right of your device.
  2. If you see the keyboard icon click on it and verify the “US keyboard” is selected.
  3. Otherwise, click the Settings icon and the Chromebook Settings page will load in the Chrome browser.
  4. Scroll to the Device section and click Keyboard Settings and the Keyboard Settings dialog box will appear.
  5. Click on Chance language and input settings to verify the Language is set to “English (United States)” and the Input method is set to “US keyboard”

Check to make sure the testing app is working.

How to check DRC App:

  1. Log out of the Chromebook (log your child's user out of the Chromebook before continuing)
  2. Bottom left of display, choose APPS
  3. Open DRC - let it load
  4. Follow the pictures below to open the practice test. If it needs updating, a white screen will appear and you will need to the chromebook center to have it updated.
  5. EXIT

2021 Study/Resource Guides

Practice Test for All Grades

Choose TEST PRACTICE and follow the pictures above. On the Test Login page, enter the Username and Password as shown on the screen into the Username and Password text boxes.

Testing Dates

Big picture