Art at Essex Elementary!

A newsletter showcasing the amazing EES artists! -APRIL 2021

Kindergarten Art - Potato Pants!

Kindergarten artists have learned the art of papier mache! We read the book Potato Pants by Laurie Keller and talked about how potato acted and felt in the story. We then constructed potatoes from newspaper and used papier mache on top! Once dry, we decorated our potatoes and designed pants for them to wear! Our potatoes are now hanging out in the library display case for all to see!

1st Grade Art - Weaving!

First grade artists have been learning the art of weaving! With much patience and attention to detail, artists have created amazingly beautiful woven trees that are now up in the hallway. We are so proud of our hard work!

Second Grade Art - Sewing!

Second grade artists have been learning new skills in painting and scraping AND sewing! They have just completed their sewing unit on these beautiful round boards that they painted. We are so impressed with their creativity and efforts in sewing!
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