Staff Weekly

Published September 1, 2019

Our counselors will be in classrooms this month talking with kids about suicide prevention.

Staff Only Spirit Week!!

Tuesday, September 3- PJ Day! Feel free to wear onesies (school appropriate PJ’s please)

Wednesday, September 4- Hat Day! Wear your favorite hat!

Thursday, September 5- Comfy Day! If you have seen Pat Pidgeon or Jillian Skidmore wear it, it’s allowed! We're all PE Teacher groupies.

Friday, September 6- Bally Spirit Day! Wear as much green and orange as you can! Bring out your shamrocks, y’all!

Independent Planning Sessions

Planning on your own is Monday and Friday (both plans) and Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 3rd, 6th, and 8th (UA during your 2nd plan). If you ever want to include Stacie in your independent planning times, she'd love to help out. Arrange with her personally.

PLC/Collab Plan/Embedded PD Schedule for September

Science Team Meeting is after school on Tuesday.

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