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Stress, Anxiety

Stress is the body's way to respond to any demands or metal and emotional factor within your body

Anxiety is feeling worried, uneasy, nervous about certain subjects

Types of Stressors

1.Acute-time limited: being part of a study group, labs

2.Brief Naturalistic: Taking a Test

3. Stressful Events: loss of a loved one, or belongings

4.Chronic Stress: Changing you lifestyle, becoming disabled or hurt

5.Distant Stress: Child abuse, being in a war

Stress Response and Management

Response would being able to pick out if you are stressed out, your behavior is changing, your moody, you don't want to do anything

Stress Management would be to find something that relaxes you like reading or a hot bath, running, taking time to yourself

Symptoms of Anxiety

Lose of control

hot flashes or chills

trembling or shaking

trouble breathing

feel like passing out