CCS Webpage Guidelines

For Teachers

Teacher Website Requirements

All CCS teachers are required to maintain a webpage using Schoolwires. The following should be included on the Teacher Homepage:

  1. Teacher Name
  2. Teacher Email
  3. Contact Number
  4. Name of Page Author (will come in automatically)
  5. Date page was produced/revised (will show automatically)
  6. Teacher Picture (ID badge or Yearbook photo, not personal.) Note: If a staff member objects to posting a personal picture, the staff member may post an alternate picture.
  7. Teacher subjects or Grade Indicated
  8. Brief biographical information about the teacher
  9. Activate Assignment App and Keep Updated. Note: If using Canvas with a link to Canvas course information on the teacher homepage this is not required on the Schoolwires link.
  10. Activate Calendar App and Keep Updated with Course/Class Important Events. Note: If using Canvas with a link to Canvas course information on the teacher homepage this is not required on the Schoolwires link.
  11. Deactivate any apps which have no content.
  12. The teacher's class schedule should be posted.

Teacher Website Recommendations

  1. Classroom rules/guidelines
  2. Course syllabus (if appropriate)
  3. Handouts/Notes
  4. Photos/Slideshow of events/activities
  5. Encourage use of other Apps such as "File/Library", "Blog", and "Photo Gallery"

All CCS Websites

Personal Websites

  • The school district is not responsible for personal websites or webpages created or maintained by students, personnel, parents, groups or organizations. Personal websites or web pages are not considered district-related websites or webpages, and are not covered by the provisions of this policy.
  • The superintendent and/or designee may use any means available to request the removal of personal websites that substantially disrupt the school environment or that utilize school district or individual school names, logos or trademarks without permission.

Student Information

  • Home addresses or telephone numbers of students will not be listed.
  • No student pages will be posted or made accessible to the general public until approved by the principal or his/her designee.
  • Student email addresses will not be listed.
  • Photographs of students and student work will be used only with appropriate parental permission and/or approved for release as directory information under Policy 4700
  • Do not include links to student webpages on other servers unless part of a class assignment under teacher supervision.

Copyright Laws

  • Websites must comply with all copyright laws and Policy 3230/7330, Copyright Compliance. Copyright permission must be obtained for the use of any copyrighted material. The superintendent and/or designee and each principal and/or designee will ensure that all permission for use of copyrighted work or release of information is maintained in a safe place.

External Links

  • The superintendent and/or designee, principals and/or designee, and teachers have editorial control and responsibility for the linking of a district0related website to other sites on the Internet that are appropriate to the mission of the school district. External links should be periodically checked for accuracy and appropriateness of content.

Things to Avoid

  • Excessive graphics - be kind to the folks with slow connections to the Internet.
  • Automatic music - do not force authors to wait for time-consuming music files to download. If you want to provide music, create links that allow authors to choose to listen if they want to and have the time.

Style and Design

  • Use appropriate fonts to maintain consistent look and feel of website.
  • Make sure your content and graphics load quickly.
  • Before uploading, check the appearance of all webpages.

Proofreading and Accuracy:

  • Check all webpages for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word choice.
  • Make sure all published "facts" regarding the school, department or school district are correct and current.
  • Respond to e-mail and/or voice mail queries concerning your website.

Commercial Use

  • No vendor advertising is allowed on any CCS webpages.
  • Commercial or political content links are not allowed.
  • Commercial use or for profit of any kind is strictly prohibited.