Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies Are The Way To Go!


The economy of the southern colonies is based mainly on agriculture. Farmers and plantation owners make big money on cash crops like tobacco, indigo, lumber and grain. Other parts of the southern colony economies include Indian trade for furs and trade with England.

Here in the Southern Colonies we have great weather, fertile soil, and a tolerant society. Come join us today!

Daily Life And Kids

The life of a southern colonist depends on the climate and geography you live in. The climate effects your crops and the geography effects where you live and how fertile the soil is around you. There are two main types of plantations you could have too. There is a Tidewater Plantation, which makes big profits from things like tobacco and has boat docks along the waterways it's near. The other type is a Backcountry Plantation. This plantation is more democratic and it has a surrounding of fertile soil. For city people, there are towns like Charlestown, South Carolina. These towns are on bodies of water and waterways through which they can trade resources and merchandise with England. Schools teach reading, writing, and math. Some schools teach religion. Kids who are not in school help on farms and in businesses.


Slavery is used in the south. The slaves are brought over from Africa by boat and are sold to plantation owners and farmers for them to use on their farms. Once you buy the slave he or she is now your "property". As long as you treat them fairly, they will work nicely for you. There is a large amount of slave use in the southern colonies.




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