What Is The Cold War?

Isabela D'Amato

Yalta Conference

The Yalta Conference was the second war meeting between USA president FDR, Russian leader Joseph Stalin, and England's prime minister Winston Churchill that regarded post-war plans. This prolonged the cold war because it was set up to ensure that a third war wouldn't break out and keep peace.
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United Nations

Each country had a representative that discussed problems going on in the world and how to come together and stop it or peacefully resolve conflicts.It acted like a mediator for countries who were on the brink of war. It was a way to peacefully solve problems.

Warsaw Pact and NATO

An organization to stop the spread of militarism and communism.It contained political ideas so neutral countries remained neutral.


The isolation of communism without getting any gains.It made the war last longer because it pushed the USA to work harder in containing communism.
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38th Parallel

Division of Korea into communist and non-communist societies. It made the war last longer because each side kept pushing for the same government.
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Pushing the opposing side to the edge of war. It made the war last longer because it prolonged when sides would actually take action.
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Cuban Missile Crisis

Tension between Russia and USA over bombs in Cuba. This made the war last longer because it involved another country, causing more conflict.
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