6th Grade News

Week of March 19, 2021

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Have a great break! Quarter 3 Report cards will go out Thursday April 1st.

  • Reach out for questions and extra help, all teachers are available daily at 1:45-2:15.

Check Out Our Classes

Math with Mrs. Row

Enjoy your spring break! When we return next week students will begin writing expressions and equations using variables to describe real world situations.

Don’t forget I’m available everyday at 1:45 for any student who has a question or needs help. After School Help Zoom Link - Daily 1:45-2:15

Reading and Language Arts with Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Schumacher

When we return from Spring Break, we will be starting our fourth unit - Imagination. Students will funnel all of their reading and language arts skills through the essential question of “Where can imagination lead?”

Reading Focus:

  • We will build background about the topic, “imagination,” using class discussions and quick writes.

  • We will identify the setting, characters, and character traits in the drama, “The Phantom Tollbooth.”

  • We will Identify only main ideas in reading selections in order to generate solid summaries.

Language Arts Focus:

  • We will discuss our thoughts on the prompt “What might happen if a fictional character were to come into the real world?” using a quick write.

  • We will analyze and identify different parts of sentences and different sentence types.

Social Studies with Mr. Johnsen

Students have completed their chapter on Greek governments (Monarchy, Oligarchy, Tyranny and Democracy). When we come back from spring break we will start our chapter on Athens and Sparta and compare the two city-states developments and achievements.

Science with Mrs. Perry

Students did an amazing job identifying and analyzing human impact on our Earth. Students researched topics that have negative impacts such as littering, pollution, deforestation, and poaching as well as topics that have positive and negative impacts such as zoos, hunting, and driving motorized cars. I am super proud to say that students are a little more aware of how humans impact Earth.

After break we will be starting to learn about the water cycle. Students analyze how evaporation, precipitation, condensation, and transpiration are related and dependent on one another. We will be working towards the end goal of creating and explaining a model of the water cycle.