All About The 1920's

Ziasia Breeze

The Making of a Nation (Remixed)

The presidents in the White House was more concerned with economic growth at home rather than in relations with foreign countries. US had became a world power, America had gained new economic growth. America had more equipment than the riches foreign nations. We had ample amounts of steel, food, cloth, and coal.

To add, America lent seven thousand million dollars during the war to European countries to help supply them with food and other necessities required during that time . President Cooliage believed that the European powers should pay back war loans. Of course they struggled. France and Germany moved toward an economic crisis.

The Flapper Lifestyle & Life At Home

Cars, radios, and other electrical products helped make the 1920s a roaring time. Producers of the products made the price affordable for almost all Americans. This exciting era lead to people from the countryside to the cities.

Women could take low paying jobs. Women also proclaimed their freedom by fashioning themselves as flappers. They were the type of women to cut their hair short and to show off their cleavage. They also smoked and were daring enough to wear one piece bathing suits.