Year 2

Many of you have finished all that you need to for Year 2 of the RE program. If you still have portions left to complete now would be the time that you would work on that.

Although the paperwork portion of the RE program is completed for this year don't forget to continue to monitor your students. Now is a great time to complete summative assessments for the year and document what the students have learned and what areas they still need support in. Some of you may continue to have these students the following year and this is a great way to get a jump start on the next year. If you don't have the same students then this becomes a great document to pass along to their next teach to help inform them on the students needs, progress, and areas of strengths.

Don't forget to keep up on all the end of the year paperwork. This can approach quickly and it's best to get a head start on it. Also remember to complete any end of the year task that will need to be done before leaving for the summer.

Congratulations! You have finished Year 2 in the RE program.