Girls on Boys Teams?: I think not

By:Megan Reynolds

Imagine this, you are the only girl on your hockey team. It's your first game of the season and everyone is in the locker room getting excited, everyone but you. The locker room is for boys only and you are constantly being left out. No one wants to talk to you, you are always alone and feeling rejected.

At certain ages girls should be banned from boys teams. "Once boys reach puberty, in general, it is unfair for boys to compete against girls on equal terms."(contact sports). Studies show that boys grow to be bigger and more muscular than girls after puberty. "Thus he will be stronger, able to run faster, and throw farther, etc." (contact sports). Take 10 year old Taylor Davison's case as an example, she was the only girl on her football team. Taylor left practice one day complaining of a headache and collapsed as she walked off the field with her coach. Only three days later she died. It was found that she took a hard hit during practice from one of her teammates and had to sit out for three plays. This shows exactly why girls should not play on boys teams. It is to dangerous!

Girls should not participate on boys teams because of emotional reasons. For example, very few girls have the chance to be leaders, "unfortunately some coaches on the boys side will not play girls equally, or if the girl is not as talented she will not get the playing time and coaching time needed to develop." Also when the girl is not getting any attention and coaching needed she can feel neglected from everyone else.

However, there are several reasons to oppose this point of view. For example, most girls are capable of playing on this level and doing so could have many positive effects. It forces girls to be more social and they form a group of varying friends.

If you put your child in the position of playing on a boys team, you are putting them in danger. Instead you should look into more opportunities of girls teams.