World at War!

Army Recruits art specialists and turn them to Camo Specialists!

A new group of soldiers, known now as The Ghost Army, have made their mark on the War! They are a group of soldiers from art schools trained to mislead the enemy into thinking they are fighting groups of tank and soldiers, when really its just balloons and sound machines! That's right! The Krouts are running from balloons!

In other news...

Price on eggs have dropped substantially!

Due to an increase of hens laying eggs because their roosters are out in war, we have an over abundance of eggs! Because of this we have decided to declare Thursdays Egg Day! or E- Day for short! Support our troops and send the meat and other foods they need to them on Thursdays while you devour your delicious eggs!

This Was Made by Evitt Flesness!

For an English Assignment!