Stem Cutting Plant Propagation

By: Maddi Tollinger

Supplies Needed

  • Pots
  • Sharp Scissors/Pruners
  • Labels for your plants
  • Clear Plastic Bag
  • Bleach Solution


1. Depending on the length of the internodes trim the plant to about two to three inches.

Be sure to make the cut just below a node.

2. Remove all of the leaves, except the top ones, using scissors or pruners.

3. Dip the cuttings in the bleach solution (10% bleach is good) for about ten seconds.

4. Rinse them in cold water (sink or purified).

5. Using a skewer make a hole in the propagation soil.

6. Dip the cutting in rooting hormone and place it in the hole made by the skewer in the soil.

7. Place the cutting in a warm, wet environment.

8. Place a plastic bag over the pot.