1st Grade Newsletter

February 16 - 19, 2016

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Curriculum for the week of February 16th - 19th

Math--Students will be creating and writing their own word problems when given a number sentence. For example, if I give the number sentence "12-7=5" a student might write the following word problem...

"I got 12 candy hearts for Valentines. I ate 7 of them. How many candy hearts do I have left?"

Reading--Visualize the story as students are reading. This is a reading strategy that helps build comprehension (understanding). We tell students to pretend they are making a movie of the book as they are reading. Visualizing while reading will help students remember what they are reading.

Grammar--adverbs to tell when (for example: now, first, last, early, yesterday, tomorrow, today, later...) We will focus on using these adverbs in our writing this week.

Science--identify and describe a variety of natural sources of water, including streams, lakes, and oceans

Social Studies--Identify contributions of historical figures. We will focus on the contributions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

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Spelling Test on Friday, February 19th

Spelling Pattern: Long e (-y)

1. bumpy

2. puppy

3. funny

4. penny

5. sandy

6. bunny

7. sleepy

8. chilly

9. my

10. because


11. ocean

12. Washington

We LOVE our students!

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Monday, February 15th--No School--Student Holiday

March 7th - 11th--RES Book Fair @ lower library

March 14th - 18th--No School--Spring Break!!!

March 29th - April 1st--STAAR Testing--No campus visitors

Tuesday, April 5th--Spring Pictures

Thursday, April 14th--1st Grade Music Program, 6:00pm @ cafeteria

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. Wright, Ms. Gage, Ms. Cook, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. King, Mrs. Dossey, Mrs. Stanford (from left to right)

Conference time: 1:45 - 2:45