Thismia Americana

Native to the U.S plant (extinct)

Background information about the species

Thismia American use to be a species of flowering plants that lived in the wetlands around Chicagos lake calumet in the 1910s. The plant did not get energy from the sun but from the fungi that grew inside its roots .it spent a lot of time under ground and would only come out during mid summer . It was found in what was then a wet -mesic sand praire ..that later became a the industrial neighborhood of south deering . The plant has not been seen since 1916 and the ground were it once was has been extensively altered by industrial development.

Threats or causes of extinction

Not many people knew the plant to start with people could of easily stepped on it or eaten by animals. The plant has been unseen for a century. Scientist have put searches on the calumet praires to try and rediscover it but their has been no succes.

Thismia americana


Scientist continue to search for the plant in hope of replenishing the extinct species.