Common Core/NGSS Cohorts

2016-2017 Cycle of Inquiry Project


Teachers will collaborate with 3-4 colleagues to increase measurable student success by participating in a Cycle of Inquiry project based on Common Core and/or NGSS standards.

Some reasons teachers participate in cohorts (could be any of the following):

  • Collaborate with colleagues on engaging instructional practices for students
  • Analyze data to find out how students are performing with specific curriculum and strategies
  • Work with colleagues on common core strategies and practices
  • Partner with other teachers in your subject area or interdisciplinary group
  • Observe other classrooms, sites, and practices to inspire your own teaching
  • Collaborate around common or new curricular units


  • Attend orientation (September or October 2016-After school or 1/2 day release)
  • One team meeting per month at school site
  • Complete Cycle of Inquiry and Collect Student Work Samples
  • Present instructional question and findings at your school site, or in your subject area
  • Participate in the above activities throughout the year (up to 24 hours)

Team Profile

  • Teachers have a growth mindset
  • Teachers have the willingness to create and try new things
  • Teachers have at least two years of classroom experience
  • Teachers are enthusiastic about collaborating

Compensation & Resources

  • Release time for observing peers
  • Professional development for any needs that arise
  • $1,200 stipend awarded in June after successful completion of activities during the year


Have additional questions? Contact Debolina Dutta,