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Term 1, Week 1, 1st February 2023

At Waipawa we value:

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Kia ora koutou

Welcome back everyone. It's always great to start the year and see everyone return. A huge welcome to our new students and whanau. We have a number of new entrants beginning their school journey and a few older children scattered throughout the different year levels. We have started the year with 303 children.

We also welcome Lucy Thompson, our only new staff member this year. Lucy is teaching Year 7/8 students and is in room 11.

A new year always brings a new energy. There is always a lot to share at the beginning but I won't bombard you with messages. However I will remind you that we are doing our very best to keep costs down. We don't charge for stationery at any stage of the year (still waiting for it to arrive though), we don't request a donation and all class day trips are free. The only costs are uniform - of which we have nearly run out of and are awaiting more and out of school sports - which we have capped at $10 per sport. 2023 is also the year of camps for our Yr 5-8 children. You will see below that the cost of these is kept to a minimum.

There is no school this Friday 3 February. A really important part of beginning the school year is meeting with each child's whanau. We missed last year due to Covid restrictions and we noticed it. This meeting early in the year is important for your child, the teacher and you. It enables connections to be made and sets the year up really well and has everyone on the same page. Each meeting runs for 15 minutes. This year we've used the online booking system through HERO. We have over 200 bookings so far and would love to see this number get close to 300.

Finally the Ministry have decided that our current fence does not meet requirements for certain children. Fortunately they have come to party and determined that it is an additional project and are paying the costs. There will be a little disruption over the next week or two but nothing major.

Ngā mihi nui,

Paul Jamieson

2023 CAMPS

We believe Term 1 is the best time to run camps. The benefits and learnings of a camp last all year, however the short timeframe to get everything organised can be a challenge! Teachers in the Year 5/8 area of the school are working hard to get everything set up and sorted.

A huge thanks to a number of you who submitted police vet forms at the end of last year. This has enabled us to get a head start. All camps need more parents to attend so if interested please get in touch with your child's teacher. Your child's teacher will be sending home lots of forms over the next few days so please look out for these.

Yr 7/8 Camp

The 2023 Year 7/8 Camp to Tutira is from Tuesday 21 February to Friday 24 February

The cost of the Year 7/8 camp has shot through the roof, however we will absorb it.

The cost per child for this 4 day, 3 night camp is $80.

Yr 5/6 Camp

The Yr 5/6 Camps are at Camp Wakarara. The cost per child for this 3 day, 2 night camp is $40

Room 7 Camp: Wednesday 1 March to Friday 3 March

Room 9 Camp: Monday 6 March to Wednesday 8 March

Room 8 Camp: Wednesday 8 March to Friday 10 March

We need parents on camp who:

  • Are able to attend the camp for the full duration

  • Are prepared to muck in, get stuck in and take direction from teachers and camp staff

  • Will attend a camp meeting prior to the camp

  • Have a good level of fitness to handle the demands of being on camp with lots of children

  • Are able to provide transport for themselves and at least 4 children

  • Are positive and active with the children and there to help out

  • Will have fun

There is also a strict no smoking, no vaping and no drinking alcohol policy on camp!


This week we welcome the following students and their families to our school.

Hugo, Lexiah, Douglas, Ben, Cat, Alex, Nina, Peyton, Lokame, Noah, Thea, Cooper, Mason, Harlem, Nikora, Ruby, Saphira and Harley.

Roadies Coffee Van

From tomorrow morning Rick will park his Roadies Coffee Van on the grass outside the old dental clinic from between 7:00am - 9:00am.

This is for adults only - no children will be served.


This week we wish Happy Birthday to our January babies:- Jypsy, Laycee, Brooklyn, Te Pou, Deja, Tor, Lokame, Georgia G, Noah Mc, Tivatto, Blake Chadwick, Ngaio, Peyton J, Hayley T and Heath. We also wish happy birthday to Halen, Eli M, Meila, Coby and Oliver B who celebrate their birthday this week.

Info for new families: Every student when they celebrate their Birthday is welcome to come to the school office on a Friday at lunchtime to receive a free juicy as a Birthday gift from The Board. If they are away sick or perhaps don't feel like their juicy they can still come when they return to school. As this Friday is a Teacher Only day students are welcome to come to the office on Thursday.


2023 Term Dates

Term 1: Monday 30 January - Thursday 6 April

Term 2: Wednesday 26 April - Friday 30 June

Please note there is a Ministry of Education directed Teacher Only Day on Monday 24 April

Term 3: Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September

Term 4: Monday 9 October - Wednesday 13 December

Please note there will be a Ministry of Education directed Teacher Only Day sometime during the second half of the year

Calendar Events



  • Week 1: 2nd February (after school) and 3rd February - Teacher / Whanau Meetings throughout the day - NO SCHOOL TODAY
  • Week 2: 6th February - Waitangi Day - NO SCHOOL TODAY
  • Week 3: Friday 17 February - Yr 7/8 Swimming Sports
  • Week 4: 21-24 February - Yr 7/8 CAMP
  • Week 4: Friday 24 February - Yr 5/6 Swimming Sports
  • Week 5: 1-3 March - Room 7 CAMP
  • Week 6: 6-8 March - Room 9 CAMP
  • Week 6: 8-10 March - Room 8 CAMP
  • Week 7: 16 March - CHB Swimming Sports
  • Week 9: 28 March - Yr 8's to Sports Park

Information about 4 Year Old Mornings - Starting Fri 10th Feb

  • These take place in Kākano Class - the hall 8.40am until 12 noon every Friday morning unless there has been prior notification. Please come to the office first and meet Sue England.

  • We find 4 visits before starting school is usually sufficient. However if your child requires more we would be in close communication with the Whanau.

  • Whanau are welcome to stay for the first visit and leave when the child/parent feels comfortable. Subsequent visits we ask that parents be brave and leave so that the child experiences what school is like.

  • Please pack a snack for brainfood (fruit, sandwich, muesli bar) and something for morning tea.

  • Children can wear mufti clothing or school uniform if they have it available. This can be purchased from the school office.

Please don’t hesitate to pop in and see us if you have any questions or concerns.

Karena Finch

Contact Details

Have we got the correct details for your Whanau?
Have you moved house?

Changed your phone number?

Changed your email address?

Want to delete or add a new contact?

Is there a new medical condition we need to know about?

Please email Sue at office@waipawa.school.nz to update your details or to check and see what details we have.


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Martial Arts Class.

What days and time?

Wednesday and Friday

Kids class is 6-6.45pm for 6-12 year olds.

13 year olds and up including adults is 6.45pm - 7.30pm

Where is it held?

Waipawa Senior Citizens Centre (Blue building by Nelly Jull Park) Waverley Street Waipawa.

What does it cost?

This week will be a free trial and whoever is interested can sign up when they come for the second week.

One term is $45.00 per child or $90 for adults.

Or $5 per class per child and $10 for 13 years - Adults (No contract so you can pay as you go)

What should I bring?

Comfortable exercise clothes and bring a water bottle and small towel.

Who do I contact for more information?

Vilads contact phone 02040895202. Email viladmir@outlook.com

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