May News

Catholic School Strong!

Mary , Our Blessed Mother, Pray for Us!

Our beautiful school is blessed to have Mary as our patron saint! Mary's faith and "yes" to God the Father leads us to know and follow Jesus her son. The United States Catholic Church Bishops remind us of the special role Mary plays in our faith journey and salvation story. Reminding us also that," As the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary has a unique position among the saints, indeed, among all creatures. She is exalted, yet still one of us."

She remains a role model of faith, the first disciple of Christ. At St. Mary's we focus on the whole child : academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Faith is the strongest element within the foundation set in each child. The seed of faith planted by each parent is nurtured daily and throughout the day. Mary our model. Teachers highlight a Marian virtue in the classroom for a month. This year we focused on the following:

September : Trust

October : Obedience

November: Faithfulness and Devotion

December : Charity

January : Humility

February : Strength

March : Purity

April : Wisdom

May : Patience

These become wonderful opportunities for teachers and students to apply to their lives. Students in their development stage identify ways to emulate in their lives.

As we continue through the month of May, our 3rd graders will lead us in a prayer service where they present the twelve stars and their meaning. They will lead us in song and prayer in a very special way. A special video link has been shared on our social media.

We continue to look to Mary as a model of faith and aspire to reach full communion with Jesus, her son.

Mary, our Good Mother, Pray for us!

In Christ,

Mrs. Ana E. Gomez, M.Ed.


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Quack! Quack! The Great Duck Race

We look forward to this fun event that will support our school. The funds raised will support our school community, its program, and special projects such as our upcoming bathroom renovations, playground upgrades, continued development of our technology on campus to name a few.

We have a goal and we ask all of our families to reach out and help us accomplish this! Together we can get the word out of this event and opportunity. The community can visit the website to adopt a duck or purchase a ticket.

Each adoption will give participants an opportunity to win great prizes.

1st place : $5,000 dollar gift card

2nd place : $ 2,000 dollar gift card

3rd place : $1,000 dollar gift card

Each family will receive 4 tickets per student. We encourage you to purchase or sell. If you are unable, we ask that you return your tickets to the school. Tickets and website describe packs that are also available outside of adopting one duck. Tickets were distributed on May 10th.

The race will take place on May 22nd at 10 a.m. It will be shown live on our Facebook page: @SaintMarysBrownsville.

May the best duck win! We thank you for supporting our school.

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Our curriculum focuses on developing students to love learning but to develop strong critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. This is an interdisciplinary opportunity that begins at pre-kinder - 6th grade.

Throughout the year(s), skills are developed and opportunities facilitated by classroom teachers. Grade-level STEM days and other special projects allow for the opportunity to apply skills learned. This is the highest level of mastery when students can draw from their toolbox of skills and apply them in varying situations they are presented with during each challenge.

Each challenge is carefully planned by our team ( Mr. Ben Avalos, Region One Math specialist, and Mrs. Carmina Gonzalez, our technology instructor/coach). They share with our teachers who assist in facilitating prior to the event. It is an exciting time for all and our students love it!

This year we will begin with our 2nd and 3rd-grade students on Friday, May 14th. Then proceed with our 4th and 5th graders on the 17th, 6th grade on the 18th, and ending with our K5 and 1st grade students on May 27th.

The benefits are endless and I share an article for your reference on the many positives for our students.

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Saints Forever - Meet Francis

Our students have selected our school mascot that will help cheer the St. Mary's Saints on!

For many years, our mascot has been the saints and this will remain, however, we add a friend to help us and add to our school spirit.

When looking into the characteristics of the wolf, we find that they are:

* highly intelligent

* caring

* playful

* devoted to family

Positive points for sure! They describe our student body to a tee. We also learned that there is a legend attached to St. Francis involving a wolf. I have attached a short video that I would like to share with all. With this, we find it very appropriate to name our mascot, Francis.

We remain the St. Mary's Saints and welcome Francis to our school community. We thank our Student Council for their organization on the selection and promoting school spirit! Well done boys and girls.

Francis will make his debut really soon!

Celebrating the End of the Year

It is with great anticipation that we celebrate the many accomplishments of our teachers and students. As we continue to transition into some of our traditions, we will still approach many with protocols and with caution to continue our movement forward.

K5 students and 6th graders will have their graduation ceremonies on June 1st and 2nd respectfully. Details will be shared with their families as we approach the dates and events will be live-streamed.

Prior to that, we begin with the following events and activities.

May 12th - K5 Day

Students will attend liturgy this day. They will be allowed to dress in their Sunday's best for a special photograph. A luncheon will be hosted by the school in our gym with some special treats for them.

May 15th - May 16th - 6th Grade Lock-in

Students will participate in a lock-in. A special series of activities and retreat is planned for them. We thank our Coaches, faculty, staff, and alumni who have come together to plan this special time.

This time will be part of our great send-off of our 6th graders.

May 23rd - 28th - 6th Grade Week

Students will be highlighted throughout the week in a very special way with activities every afternoon. We will kick off our special week with a "pitada parade" and black top party. A list of events will be shared.

June 2nd - Final 6th grade Mass/ Reception

This is a very special liturgy as we celebrate in the most special way their accomplishments and give thanks to God for the many blessings! A reception will be held for the student and their parent(s) following. The graduation ceremony follows in the evening.

May 30th - End of the Year Honor Roll

We will host an in-person event in the church in two groups. The letters of the alphabet will be divided to accommodate families. Protocols and social distancing will be applied to ensure a safe environment. Students must achieve A or A-B honor roll all four quarters to receive recognition.

The final nine-week honor students will be recognized on campus this year, receiving their ribbons by the principal during the school day.

We look forward to celebrating our students!

June 4th - Last Day of School

With our attendance on Friday of our Charro Days holiday, a minor change to our calendar has been made with our last day of school being, Friday, June 4th. This is always an exciting day and our students look forward to it. Its a celebration and countdown to the summer.

We will dismiss at noon.

Summer Days Are Coming Soon

We definitely look forward to our summer break. The summer awards us time for rest and relaxation. The summer also awards great opportunities to continue learning and growing. We know that many look for opportunities around town to engage our kiddos which is great but we must also remember the simple things around the house and family.

I have included a wonderful article with 100 ideas for summer! I hope this is helpful.

The school will provide some reinforcements as well and that information will be shared within the week to the various age groups and summer reading/enrichment will be included with the final report as always.

We give three cheers for summer!

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We Appreciate

Our Talent Show was a great success and we thank all of our families for their support.

We also know that service is a great part of our school. Our efforts this year to "give" have been strong and we reach out to one another.

Our Rice Bowl ( Lenten Project) collected $758.05 and a donation will be sent to Catholic Relief Services. This is a global project that reaches the most vulnerable.

Our Walkathon pledges surpassed our goal and donations made to the Mission Bag for this raised 1,285.00 dollars for Catholic Schools in the Rio Grande Valley. Funds support the endowment and Tuition Assistance Program.

Though we are in full fledge in our Duck Race efforts, we are also going to help a student from St. Joseph Academy who is facilitating a service project. Elise Esparza, a past student, is collecting school supplies. We are an official drop off location. Pencils, colors, spirals, paper.... any supply is welcome! Let us help her achieve her goal. A flyer has been included.

Thank you very much!

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Mark Your Calendars

May 12th - 8:30 Children's Liturgy, Mrs. Garcia 3rd Grade Class

K-5 Day - Special Luncheon , photos and surprises

May 14th - STEM Day 2nd and 3rd Grade

3rd Grade Award Luncheon for Walkathon

FACTS Tuition Assistance Deadline for 21-22

May 15th - 16th - Lock-in 6th Grade @ 5:00 p.m.

May 17th - STEM Day 4th and 5th Grade

May 18th - STEM Day 6th Grade

May 19th - 8:30 Children's Liturgy, Mrs. Rico 4th Grade Class

May 22nd - The Great Duck Race

May 24th -28th - 6th Grade Week

Tuition Assistance Award Notifications

May 30th - Year Honor Roll Ceremony - Information forthcoming

June 1 - K5 Graduation @ 6:30 p.m. Church

June 2nd - 8:30 a.m. Last Mass of the Year Ms. Kickham 5th Grade Class /

6th Grade Reception following the Mass

6th Grade Graduation Ceremony - 6:30 p.m.

June 4th - Last Day of School Noon Dismissal

Mark Your Calendars : First Day of School 21-22 : August 16, 2021

School Calendar 21-22 coming soon!

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