Coaches Quick 3

September 2020

Helpful and Important Tips for WVS Coaches/Affiliations

Welcome to all of our new WVS Coaches and returning ones! Thank you for all you do to motivate and support your WVS students! We are looking forward to another exciting school year! Below please find important tips and resources that will help you in your role as WVS coach.

Important Tips for Coaches...

  • Before creating any new student accounts, please make sure student emails are allowed to receive communications from outside of your school domain (ie: WVS student creation/login credentials, WVS teacher communications). Click here for the WVS Technology Readiness Document which provides information about recommended browsers, whitelisting URLs and Google Documents, etc. This step is very important!!
  • When creating a new student account, make sure to use a valid email for the student. Once the student account is created the student automatically receives an email with their username and password. This email comes from this no-reply email -
  • If you need to edit a student email, you can do that from the student's Edit Information link. Once logged in to your Coach account, click on the link and it will take you to the screen with the yellow boxes. Find the email, edit it, and scroll to the bottom and hit Save.
  • If a student did not receive their login credentials via email (or you have a returning student who does not remember them), you can Resend Credentials. Log into your Coach account, find the student in your Students Tab, and click on that student. This will bring up the student's basic information. First verify the email is correct and then you can click Resend Credentials. This will re-send their username/password to their email.

WVS Course/Drop Requests & Drop Policy

Please remember when placing Course requests and Drop requests to always select "Waiting Review" as the Status. Otherwise, WVS will not see the request and it may not be processed in a timely manner. See the examples below.

WVS has a 28-day calendar drop period...Click here to read our Drop Policy.

Did you Know..?

Online Student Orientation Course Completion Leads to Successful Online Course Performance!!

Read the full white paper HERE.

On average, students' online course scores are higher in schools where students complete the online orientation course!

  • No students complete the orientation course: average academic score is 74%.
  • All students successfully complete the online course: average academic course score is 83%.
  • That's a 9% difference in final grades! WOW!

High rates of Online Student Orientation Course completion:
  • are associated with stronger student performance in online academic courses
  • students have information about what they need to be successful in the online course
  • Coaches are "on the ball"!!

When entering course requests, remember to request the Student Orientation course for all of your students! They will have access to the course for one year... so they can refer back to it as a resource.

Contact WVS..

WVS wishes you a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend!!!