Egyptian News

Introduction to Egypt

Egypt is about the same size as Texas and New Mexico put together. The Nile River supplies 85%of the countries water. Most of Egypt is desert. Egypt exports oil and imports machinery. Egypt is 386,660 square miles.

What's Happening in Egypt

Farmer Invents Silt Collector

One day a farmer named Bob found out he could use a filter to collect silt from the Nile River. Silt, or small particles of rich soil flow down the Nile every year. When the Nile floods the silt gets left behind. Now Bob is collecting all of the silt and he puts it on his crops. Bob is making lots of money for his really good crops and people are losing money for their not so good crops. People want to sue Bob for taking all of the silt and leaving none for them.
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Fellahin On Strike

Fellahin are farmers who work on areas of land they rent from land owners. Recently, Jimmy, the poorest land owner in Egypt decided to increase rent so he could make more money and be rich. The Fellahin protest that they barely make enough money to support their family and they can't afford to pay the rent. They also say Jimmy has more than enough money because he has millions of it and he needs to learn to not be greedy. Now the Fellahin are not paying the rent so Jimmy doesn't make any money.
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Egypt Crops Increase in Value

Egypt grows grains, fruits, and vegetables. Some people have been selling these crops which usually don't make much money for lots of money. The reason being that since more people live in the city, less people grow food for themselves. Also, people are buying lots of fruit for their lunches for some reason.
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Suez Canal Closed

The Suez Canal separates the Sinai Peninsula from the rest of Egypt. Recently, a big ship tried to go through, but got stuck when the captain fell asleep. People think the captain was either lazy or didn't get enough sleep. Now the Suez Canal is closed until the ship gets unstuck.
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Farmer Complains that the Aswan Dam Makes his Land "Less Fertile"

The Aswan Dam controls when the Niles floods. The dam also causes less fresh water to make it to the delta which becomes less fertile because the salt water goes their instead. A famer who lives at the delta complained that his crops taste really bad because of the extra salt. He his protesting that the Aswan Dam gets demolished. Nobody wants to listen to him though because then they can sell more good tasting crops.
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