Symbol: Jm Atomic mass: 61.23 kg

Discoverers: James & Karen Monroe

Highly concentrated while on the football field, baseball field, and basketball court. Lowly concentrated while at the grocery store, or furniture shopping

Physical Properties:

Surface properties-Brown eyes, brown hair, nice teeth

Boils-when people use bad grammar

Melts-when he throws a touchdown pass

Can cause excess levels of swag if ever injected

Sad when the cowboys lose, and happy when the rangers win

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when he has to study for excess amounts of time.

Chemical Properties:

Is repelled by loud people and cats

Is attracted to women and football

May explode spontaneously when someone spits on my food

Requires copious amounts of mountain dew

Is inert if tired, stressed or sick

Will repel loud people, liars, and Philadelphia Eagles fans

Is impervious to bad breath