Vocab Presentation 10

By Mr. Jacob S. Bernstein

Fill in the Blank

On the football team, Coach Hertz is known for his __________ speeches given when a player messes up.


CASTUS <L. ""pure", "spotless" CASTIGO CASTIGARE CASTIGAVI CASTIGATUM <L. "to punish", "to correct", "to restrain"

tr. v.

  • To punish; to criticize severely; to chastise

n. castigation, castigator adj. castigatory

Synonyms and Antonyms

  • rebuke
  • approval
  • praise
  • penalize

Choose the sentence where CASTIGATE is used incorrectly

  1. The known castigator would yell and chastise people at the slightest mistake.
  2. Students will be castigated by the administration, if they are caught not having their name tag on multiple times.
  3. Teachers will write castigation remarks on papers that show poor planing and lack of effort
  4. The football player could not take the harsh castigation of his coaches so him quit