Intensive Subsistence

Wet Rice Not Dominant

Definition of Intensive Subsistence

A form of subsistence agriculture in which farmers must expend a relatively large amount of effort to produce the maximum feasible yield from a parcel of land.
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Where and Who?

It is located in:

- Southern part of Mexico

- Along West coast of South America

- Parts of South East Asia

- Humid Low- Latitude


- Farmers in these areas

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Why is Intensive Subsistence so important?

This is very important because it is the main agriculture of LDC's. With out this, the LDC's in Asia, South America, and Africa would not be able to survive as well.


This type of agriculture is found in Least Developed Coutries (LDC's)
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Random Facts

- The term Intensive implies: farmers must work intensively to subsist on a parcel of land

- Asia has a smaller Intensive Subsistence agriculture

- They tend to own scattered plots

- Climates prevent farmers to grow wet rice

- Wheat is the most important crop