Dance Aerobics for weight loss

Reread these entries aloud twice a day. Determine the thoughts and behaviors that led you to the current situation and make a list of these things (dinners with alcohol, overeating, and sedentary lifestyle). Then write a list of alternative behaviors that you intend to implement. For example, planning meals, alcohol only on weekends, cancellation snacking.

Kyle Leon - Keep a food diary to record everything that goes eat. Studies show that even if you do not limit your diet diary helps to be more aware of what you eat. Connect with like-minded people who have already achieved the desired or have similar goals. Those with whom you spend time directly affect your attitude, because your subconscious mind is constantly engaged in the processing of common experience and comparison with your own. Follow two simple rules of supply.

· Never use food as a reward or as a treat. Remember, the food - just fuel for your body.

· Never deny yourself something to eat. Failure only inflames desire.

Dance Aerobics for weight loss - Fitness has become very popular among people who look after their health, trying to lead an active lifestyle. One of his areas - dance aerobics - considered the most accessible and attractive. In this case there is no need to strain and exercise at the gym or on the mat by standing, sitting and lying down. Very nice, easy to perform a variety of dance movements to rhythmic music. Moreover, these movements do not have to be purely athletic.