A Great Artist Still Remembered

March 30,2015

Compare and Contrast

The whispering dome and mural room comparison. The whispering dome took longer to paint. The whispering dome had one big wall. This painting is an award winning painting.

The mural room has four walls. The mural room was about early Missourians history.

People thought it was too big. People also thought it was too small

They both took a good amount of time. People loved both. People also hated both of them.

Order and Sequence

In 1889 Thomas Hart Benton was born in Neosho, Missouri.

He grew up loving art, his parents thought he would grow out of loving art because they wanted him to be in the army. They thought loving art was just another stage he would grow out of in his life.

After Benton comes back from military school, he gets permission from his father to go to an art school in Chicago,Illinois in 1907. In 1908 Benton travels to Paris to study art and culture. Benton loved Paris’ sculptures, art, and especially the food.In 1975 Thomas Hart Benton dies after living his wonderful life as a Famous Artist.

Table of Content

1. Thomas Hart Benton

2. Problem and Solution

3. Compare and Contrast

4. Order and Sequence

Problem and Solution

Thomas Hart Benton ran into many problems during his life as an artist and here is what he did to prevent that from happening. One of his main problems was how the paint ran down the wall because of the heat. He made his own kind of gloss stuff to keep it from running. According to PBS Kids,The gloss he made was made out of egg yolk, he made some of the paint that is why it was runny.Thomas Hart Benton ran into many problems in his life as an artist and that is how he solved them.


Loving-showing love or affection

Art-Skill that comes from study

Culture-Improving the minds taste

Stage-A phase in someones life

Wonderful-Exciting and or amazing