May 5th SA Meeting

Thursday from 4:45-8:00pm in the WSH Memorial Room

We're all ears!

Have concerns, questions, events, or initiatives you'd like to share with your representatives on the Student Assembly? Broadcast them at our Open Mic session or tell one of your representatives.

Meeting Agenda


I. Call to Order & Roll Call

  1. Approval of the April 21 meeting minutes

II. Open Microphone

III. Announcements and Reports

  1. Gary Cremeens - Big Red Bikes & Zagstar
  2. Representative Kasher - Sober House
  3. Representative Liu - Gender Identity and Pronoun Working Group

IV. Initiatives

  1. The F Word - Continuing Freshman Education
  2. Diversity Innovation Fund - Wardrobe Project
  3. Cornell Thrift
  4. Condom Fairy Initiative

  5. Representative Liu & VP Chaudhary - SA Composition

V. Business of the Day
  1. Resolution 53: Updating the Charter | Resolution 53 Appendix: Student Assembly Charter
  2. Resolution 54: Updating the Bylaws | Resolution 54 Appendix: Student Assembly Bylaws
  3. Resolution 55: Updating the Special Rules | Resolution 55 Appendix: Student Assembly Special Rules
  4. Resolution 56: Approving the Fall 2016 Election Rules | Resolution 56 Appendix: Proposed Election Rules
  5. Resolution 57: Towards a More Inclusive Learning Experiences | Resolution 57 Appendix: BSU List of Demands

VI. New Business

  1. Resolution 58: Funding SAD Light Therapy Lamps
  2. Resolution 59: Increasing Sustainability and Comfort in Residential Dormitories
  3. Resolution 60: Adjusting the Cornell Academic Calendar | Appendix 1 | Appendix 2 | Appendix 3
  4. Resolution 61: Reconsidering AAP Final Reviews on Slope Day

It's been a pleasure writing these agendas for you this year. I'd like to give a special shoutout to all of you who are still reading these emails and don't automatically remove them from your inbox.

Warmly, & best of luck with the rest of your semester,



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