Bloody Jealousy

English Class Movie by Students of Maristão Brasília


"Bloody Jealousy" is the story of a girl, Annabelle, who happens to be very possessive and as consequence does not accept any mates for her mother. She seems to think her mother needs protection and the story reaches its climax when she confronts her mother's boyfriend.

Bloody Jealousy - Trailer
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Débora Boaventura,Gustavo Luz,Helena Costa,Giovanna dos Santos,Giovana Catarcione, Lucas José, Benny Leite, Luísa Elias.2ºC

Trilha Sonora

The Party- Coralina Soundtrack

Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold

Tate's Whistling Song- American Horror Story

BrIde of Chuck-Chucky Soundtrack